Welcome to the 2014 Annual Report, which will share the highlights of a very busy and productive year at the Ottawa International Airport. Since joining the Airport Authority’s Board of Directors in 2008, I have seen many changes in our airport, the industry, and the region. I’ve watched the ups and downs of the local economy, and the related impacts on our business, but during that time, I’ve also watched major projects here move from the conception stage through to successful execution. As always, I marvel at the magnitude of what gets accomplished with the relatively small but focused team at our airport.

I had several goals when I took over the role of Chairman of the Board in 2012. The first was to ensure a smooth executive transition at the CEO level which was definitely achieved. The second goal was to take the opportunity presented to us by the need to review and amend our bylaws as per the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, to initiate a complete review of the Authority’s governance structure with a view to making a great Board of Directors even better. The Board members undertook a review of all committees and procedures, examined best practices, and updated our policies accordingly. Finally, together with senior management, we developed and adopted a comprehensive Strategic Plan that set us on a clear and solid course for the next four years and beyond. 2014 was very much about executing on that plan, which Mark will discuss in more detail in his remarks.

I am extremely proud of these accomplishments but recognize that they could not have been achieved without the engagement of the entire Board and senior management. It has been a true privilege to serve with everyone at the Airport Authority, and I look forward to watching the Airport Authority through the next chapter of its evolution. I am also grateful to our CEO, Mark, and his team for consistently stepping up to the challenges we set before them, as well as responding to the ever-changing economic and industry landscapes. I believe our team is one of, if not the best team in the country as confirmed by our standing as the only Canadian airport in the top five airports in North America and third in the world for airports serving 2 to 5 million passengers. My term as Chairman will come to an end in April, but I will stay on the Board as Past Chair and will continue serving the Authority in that role for the next few years.

In closing, I would like to thank the community for the consistent and constant support it has shown the airport and the Airport Authority for so many years. We are fortunate to live in Canada’s Capital Region and to enjoy the quality of life we have here. I firmly believe that our airport contributes to that quality of life but also believe that our success is thanks in large part to the communities we serve. I look forward to watching the relationship strengthen in the future as the airport continues to grow and connect more passengers with the world.

Gilles Lalonde,